The US has been fundamentally betrayed, in almost every conceivable sphere, by the characterless, classless, charmless and clueless constituents of its contemporary ruling class, governmental and corporate, whose only governing principle is self interested pragmatism.

A generation of beings who have fully revealed themselves to be wholly unworthy of having access to the levers of national power.

Their shameless exploitation of their privileged positions would make Marie Antoinette blush.

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But the electorate looks pretty undeserving as well. So, we get what we pay for.

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The shockingly poor quality of American general staff is par for the course in the crumbling republic. It's yet another reason that the US military is very far from the dominant force it was. While the facade is imposing, I don't expect it will do well when tested against great power competitors.


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It is axiomatic in the military that if there’s no money in it no General will talk to you.

The quality of the ranks remains as its essentially hereditary- generational service. Despite the discouragement the ranks remain- we’re all the same people from same families.

The system begins to eliminate quality at the mid levels and corrupts subtly from E4 enlisted and LT Officer on up - this is McNamara’s OER (Officer Evaluation Reports) and Personnel system that is a sales force personnel system and not Operations. That has been mirrored since the 1990s, but its a contradictory hybrid as what is Seniority criteria (called time in grade) is frequently on or frequently off. The results are what can only be described awkwardly as a “Soviet Sales Force” culture of values. Many reject this shoddy deal - and they will only get promoted very slowly or not at all. The ones who embrace it get promoted.

Combat experience has zero formal weight, indeed the sorts that get promoted avoid combat and stay back going to schools (schools are required for promotion). The results are a vicious cycle of driving out the combat experience and warriors by their shirking superiors and this is acute among the enlisted.

A warrior Officer can have a career, but any who keep faith are capped at Colonel /O-6, and will not make General or Admiral if they don’t play the game.

There’s many Mattis’s about.

The defects pointed out in the link and our weaknesses vs the Russians are well known, documented, discussed, reported higher, ignored.

What will kill us with the Russians is they have more artillery and more modern systems, we simply stopped equipping and training for 2 decades to play COIN or shoot goat chasers, the Russians have been preparing for war with us since 2009. We know, our political class which includes the Generals doesn’t care.

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That's the worst of it: all of this is obvious, to everyone, but the broken power selection system is incapable of fixing any of it.

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Its not broken.

It has selected against us.

They’re very capable, they staged a revolution and coup with a mere few deaths of dozens and none of them died.

The only thing broken is our will to do anything but bitch .

Honestly the Progs see the truth, the truth that Sherman saw at Shiloh- if our property is damaged or destroyed we have Zero 0 Zero fight in us 🇺🇸😔

2020 broke us and made us docile very quick , we’re reduced to peasant grumbling.

We felt the hard hand of the state and collapsed, complied.

So the system selected the right leaders. Nothing broke but us.

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Maybe the rank and file members of the Marines need to make a decision about which side of this disgusting turn of events they plan on supporting. Will they be supporting insane generals, who are no more than politicians, or will the Marines support the people against the tyranny of the state.

You boys will eventually be forced to make that decision if civil war commences, so it is better to make your decisions now rather than latter, because now you can pick your targets. Later you may not be able to because you may be fighting your own, as not all will want to protect the people against the State's tyranny.

If by any chance we conservative republicans do not win in November that war WILL COMMENCE. But, if we win, the idiocy the deep state has pushed upon us will be taken down. We need all military veterans to take heed, because we will need your talent and expertise along with your guns to take back America from the Communist DemonRats in the beginning of 2023 !!!

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Vets only trust other vets.

This veteran says show me first,

We were left many, many times to the fates, as chronicled in this tale. The rest of you tut tutted, grilled, went to the Mall.

We have learned as have the police we cannot turn our backs on you , making ye indefensible.

We must leave you to your choices, consequences and the fates.

You first, I don’t trust any of you.

Blood in, Blood out.

I think nothing happens in November except a rerun, you have no fight in you, we’d know.

*As for service in military or police thats positioning, important in the real world.

As you’ll see.

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The police can eat shi’ite and bark at at the moon. USMC, 0311, ‘85-‘89.

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See also Haditha 7 in Iraq, Mattis made his career on betrayal of his Marines.

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The once great Superpower will disintegrate before it lives 300 years because it expelled Christianity, dishonored it's heroes and founders, and surrendered its governing and military to global business interests.

A short life for an Empire, but an end very similar to Greece, Rome, and the Victorians.

Let's hope our Chinese masters go easy on us.

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The American Military General corps has been compromised for decades. Hackworth called them the perfume princes. When Trump returns next year Scum bags like Mattis need to be investigated and prosecuted!!! There are a lot of good ones out there, but as Trump calls them, the TV generals need to be disgraced and put in jail.

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They're recruiting young indoctrinated angry native American's from the reservations now. They're little Marxistsv in training.

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Its a sad day when a Marine will betray a Marine especially to the liberal world order. shows a lack of understanding of what makes America great. Basically treason.

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Why should ANY of these sellout Generals or the ruling Political class care what we think??? In 2020 we exposed just how weak and spineless we are as a society when we did absolutely NOTHING about a fake pandemic, a stolen election and the takeover of all of our lives. We are so bogged down with personal debt, laziness and no backbone that we are no longer the "land of the Brave and Free"! We are nothing now but millions of complaining so called patriots with enough firepower and able bodies to mow through the entire communist/Marxist swamp but we will not even gather to protest? Oh I keep hearing about how are we supposed to fight the military with all of their weaponry? Funny, but the Afgans didn't lay down when the mighty US forces came rolling into their territory. Maybe we should do a lot of true soul searching and ask ourselves just how much freedom & rights we are willing to surrender before we get off of our lazy asses and push back?

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You again, pogue?! Why is it EVERY dildo I have EVER had the misfortune to run across that “claims” the EGA is either “Force Recon”, “Scout Sniper” or at the very least “0311”?? Why don’t you wannabes ever “claim” you were USMC Motor-T? Or Supply? Or even avionics?

Pogue, child…listen…you can claim WHATEVER your basement dwelling X-Box Marine wants to. I’m STILL going to say what I want, child. Child, listen…my uncle is in the Ranger Hall of Fame, dildo. And he would NEVER say anyone he fought and earned his place place in the RHoF, along with his SS, 6 BS, with 3 “V” devices, 2 PH’s, etc. doesn’t have a right to say what he wants, pogie. Hey, go take your tiny little “war hero” act over to Mediate or Huffy Puffy Post, “Force Recon”, you’re a bore here…child. 🖕🏻

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It's the money that makes the mares run.

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What a miserable story.

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I stopped reading at: We successfully counterattacked, killed the Taliban terrorists, avoided civilian casualties

I don't believe you avoided civilian casualties, you just called them Taliban.

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POS, you ever been in combat? You ever been in combat righting people without uniforms? I am not talking about fighting your way thru the drive thru to get your double cheese burger. Shut the hell up you POS!!!!!

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Have YOU, Ricky Recon?! How many times do I have to hear stolen valor mouths like yours in my life?! Guess what, dildo…I say what the hell I want and if you don’t like it, tell your fake war stories walking. Force Recon, lol. Sure, buddy…

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🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂! That is all you got cheeseburger warrior!!!! You lose again!!!!!

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And you know this HOW, commie? Were you THERE? Are were you watching “trusted” CNN or listening to equally “trusted” NPR? Shut your slimy civilian facehole, commie-boi.

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If they are shooting at you they ARE the Taliban, and the civilians know this and would not be acting like the military unless being forced to as shields for the cowards carrying out the attack. Even then they are still the enemy not helpless civilians.

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